Exercise and its external benefits


Welcome to our website!  Here you will find that exercise just does not have the general health benefits, but it also umbrellas over to other pillars of life as well!

 If you run a lot, you may run faster. If you swim a lot, you may swim faster. These simple correlations are the foundation of the SAID Principle, specific adaptations to imposed demands. In other words, if you perform a specific task, you may perform better at that task. But what if we told you that any type of exercise can have beneficial effects in many other areas of life that did not directly correlate to the activity?




Disclaimer: All of the information presented in our podcast consist of our opinions and is in no way to be used as replacement for professional medical advice. We are not accredited health professionals. Please seek consultation from a health care professional such as your primary care physician before starting any diet or fitness plan. In no way do we guarantee that exercise will cure any diseases. We have done research, but we do not recommend to take this information head on without visiting a health professional as well.